Touched. Blown away. Inspired. Recharged.

This is what we hear from visitors who tour our Sanctuary.

Yes, this is the home of the Hawaiian Lions!

Lāna`i  Animal Rescue Center (L.A.R.C.) is a 501-(c)(3) non-profit community service organization, founded in 2008.

Our mission is to assist animals on the Hawaiian island of Lāna`i  by providing sustenance, foster homes, shelter, adoptions,  veterinary care, spay/neuter services, and humane education.

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Christmas greetings all and felines,
    Wayne just opened his stocking to find a photo of his new adoptee – “Nandugu.” He was really thrilled – and loves the LARC music video. Holiday blessings,
    Clare Carey & Wayne Schmidt

  2. What a wonderful video great to see all the cats and children together. It would be my dream place to live. I love cat’s I have2 of my own and I would have more if I could cat’s have always been a part of my life. Can’t ever remember being with out one. I think you are doing a great job with what you do. Please keep up the good work.

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