Reasons to give

Donate to make the world a better place! Every bit helps and when everyone pitches in, the world improves one life at a time. (Click on General Donation.)

Donate in the name of a friend or loved one as a gift. The animal-lover in your life will appreciate the gesture and we’ll provide you with a letter you can present to the recipient! (Click on Honor Donation.)

Donate in memoriam. Honor a loved one’s life by saving lives.

It’s tax-deductible. If we haven’t yet convinced you that you can have a profound influence on the lives of these animals during the “season of giving,” we’ll just remind you that your donation will qualify as a tax deduction.

Different ways you can donate:

General Donation

Honor Donation 

In Memorium

Adopt in Place/ Sponsor

Your Tax-Deductible Gift Sponsors All of This: 

  • Vital medical care for stray, feral and abandoned cats
  • What every cat needs: food, treats, toys, baskets, beds, crates and lap time
  • Upkeep of our unique open-air cat sanctuary that inspires other rescue groups
  • Community outreach programs that teach children and adults how to protect animals
  • YOU, dear hero, can help every cat find a home!

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